Building Acquisition

Public safety is the top priority of the Ball Administration. To that end, the county executive and his administration continue to negotiate in good faith with property owners who received an official offer under the previous administration.  


These properties, along with any other buildings that may be in imminent danger, will be assessed by a structural engineer to ensure their stability and integrity. Acquiring the buildings is just one step in a long recovery process for Ellicott City, and the administration continues to explore all options regarding next steps for the buildings once acquired.

For more information about the building acquisition process, call 410-313-4200.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the county purchasing these properties?

The county is purchasing certain properties on lower Main Street to protect the public’s life, health, and property in case of a flooding event.

  1. What is the county doing with the buildings on the properties being purchased?

The county is still reviewing what can, should, and cannot be done with each building. Some buildings may have to be removed to minimize potential flooding resulting from a future weather event. Some buildings will be retained with portions of the structures over the river being removed.

How many acquisitions have been finalized?

As funding for acquisition was not available until December 9, 2018, no properties on lower Main Street were acquired by the previous Administration. As of April 2019, seven properties on lower Main Street have been acquired.

Why hasn’t the county acquired all 10 of the buildings under consideration on lower Main Street?

The county is still in negotiations with a few of the owners of the selected properties on Main Street, and working toward acquisition.

When did funding become available for the lower Main Street acquisitions?

CB62-2018 was approved by the County Council of Howard County that authorized the County to acquire certain properties to provide flood mitigation, effective December 9, 2018.

How was the purchase price determined by the county?

The purchase price for each property was determined by an appraisal that was conducted by an independent appraiser.

What are the county’s plans after it purchases the properties?

A plan is being developed to help mitigate the flooding. Currently, there are a few models under review. The county’s intention is to preserve as many structures as possible.