Capital Projects Tracker

The capital projects tracker was created to provide the public with up-to-date information about the status of capital projects associated with County Executive Calvin Ball's flood mitigation plan. Each tracker shows the current status of the project, as well as an estimated completion year.

These timelines are aggressive and count on the cooperation of a variety of stakeholders. It is also important to note that the completion years are only estimates. Many different factors can cause project delays, including weather, acquisition delays, and issues with permitting. If a project is delayed for any reason, information about that delay will be communicated here. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the capital projects tracker, send an email to

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A 10 acre-foot retention facility off of Rogers Avenue

Installing new and larger inlets to increase the efficiency of the stormwater drainage system.

Two 10-foot diameter pipes installed under Maryland Ave connecting the Tiber Hudson to the Patapsco

A 13 acre-foot retention facility located in the US 29/US 40 interchange

A 63 acre-foot retention facilities located on the Autumn Branch in the New Cut Watershed

A 70 acre-foot retention facilities located on the Tiber Tributary

A 15.6 acre-foot retention facility

A 15-foot diameter tunnel bore running 1600 feet beginning in Lot F and running to the Patapsco River on the north side of Main Street

Replace existing culvert with 14-foot by 6.5-foot box culvert

Install a 9-foot diameter high flow bypass pipe behind 8534 West Main Street and construct a flood berm to redirect water

Replace existing 84"/108" culvert with 108" culvert and install additional 9-foot diameter high flow bypass pipe


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