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Clearing the Waterways

Debris in our county’s waterways is a serious public safety issue because during weather events, it can create blockages throughout the watershed that lead to flooding. Keeping the waterways in and around Ellicott City clear of debris is a critical element to ensuring the safety of residents, business owners, and visitors during severe weather events.

Previously, waterways were inspected on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, but more can and will be done. At the direction of County Executive Ball, the Department of Public Works is increasing the frequency of inspection and debris by inspecting certain waterways within 3 business days after every major weather event and committing to removing any debris found within 14 business days of inspection.

Track Stream Inspections and Debris Removal

Waterways FAQs

Click here to track stream inspections and debris after every major weather event!* Using the attached dashboard, you can also track the amount and type of debris removed from dozens of inspection points along 9 waterways.



*See FAQ's for description of major weather event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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