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EC Safe and Sound: Phase One

About the Plan

The Ellicott City Safe and Sound plan, developed by County Executive Calvin Ball, is a multi-phase plan built around the need for public safety, supporting business and property owners, preparing the county for a changing climate, and creating a more inclusive, community driven process for decisions regarding Ellicott City’s future. There are four main focus areas of the Phase One plan: ensuring public safety, supporting business and property owners, maintaining Ellicott City's historic charm, and developing a more inclusive, community-driven process.  


Public safety is the top priority of the Ball Administration and is the biggest responsibility of the county executive. In Ellicott City, this means ensuring that the structures on Main Street are safe and secure, providing residents and business owners with as much notice as possible when inclement weather is coming, and keeping our waterways free from debris.

Read more about initiatives aimed at ensuring public safety.

Ensuring Public Safety

The 2016 and 2018 floods were devastating for residents and business owners across the county. As part of the Phase 1 plan, County Executive Ball is providing resources and assistance to business owners and residents. The county executive is also working with our state partners to identify additional resources for the county.

Read more about initiatives to provide resources for business owners and residents.


Supporting Business &
Property Owners


Retaining Ellicott City's Historic Charm

The county executive has great respect for the hard work that went into the previous flood mitigation plan. However, the Ball Administration is continuing to explore options that consider the desire by many to retain as much of Old Ellicott City’s charm and history as possible.

Read more about the county executive's plans regarding buildings on Lower Main Street.

Developing a More Inclusive, Community-Driven Process

As the Ball Administration continues to explore opportunities for properties on Main Street, it is important that Ellicott City has a holistic, community-driven advocate for the district, one that incorporates all of Ellicott City’s diverse stakeholders.

Read more about how the county executive is working to build a better process for decision-making in Ellicott City.

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