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Ellicott City Master Plan

The Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan process officially kicked off on May 31, 2017 with the goal of developing a comprehensive, community-driven vision for rebuilding a stronger and more resilient Ellicott City. Triggered by the devastating July 30, 2016 flood, the master plan effort was designed to take a fresh and creative look at potential long-term flood solutions and rebuilding strategies. By May of 2018, the master plan consulting team had developed a vision for a model, resilient community that thrives by protecting its people, commerce, history, culture and natural environment. The consultants developed concepts and ideas for flood alleviation, resilient urban design, and comprehensive long-term rebuilding. 

Following the May 2018 flood, the master plan process was paused and the previous five-year plan for flood mitigation developed. Master plan concepts were then developed in response. However, the master plan was again paused following the 2018 election to allow for the new administration to take office. Through the Safe and Sound plan the master plan was restarted. New and refined concepts were developed and presented in a public workshop in late 2019

Ellicott City Master Plan

The master plan provides a long-term vision for a thriving Ellicott City that showcases the community – its people, commerce, history, culture and natural environment. Over 600 comments were received and reviewed throughout the development of this plan.


The public was invited to comment on the plan through August 22, 2020. Following the public comment period, the County finalized the plan and sent it to the Planning Board and County Council for approval. The plan was also reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission. 

On December 7th, the Howard County Council voted unanimously to approve the Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan. Click here to read the approved plan. 

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