Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ellicott City Safe and Sound?

Ellicott City Safe and Sound, developed by County Executive Calvin Ball, is a multi-phase plan for Ellicott City’s recovery following the devastating floods of 2016 and 2018. The goal of the Safe and Sound plan is to not only ensure that Ellicott City is safe today, but also to safeguard the town against tomorrow’s threats. Additionally, the Safe and Sound plan is heavily focused on the economic vitality of Main Street’s businesses, providing relief for business owners and residents impacted by floods, and creating a more community-driven process for how decisions are made regarding Ellicott City.

What was included in the first phase of the Safe and Sound plan?

The first phase included the following components:

What buildings is the county planning to acquire?

The county has acquired all 10 buildings it intended to purchase on Lower Main Street and continues to negotiate with property owners in the West End and Valley Mede.

The county previously ordered an appraisal of my property. Does that mean my property will be acquired this year?

No. The county is currently only negotiating with property owners that received an official offer under the previous administration.

Will the acquired buildings be removed as outlined under the previous administration’s 5-year plan?

The flood mitigation plan selected by County Executive Calvin Ball preserves six of the ten buidlings previously scheduled for demolition. Those buildings will face a partial demolition of parts of the structure that are over the stream channel. Four buildings will be demolished in order to complete much-needed flood mitigation projects.