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High Ground Access Points

Public safety is the top priority of the Ball Administration, not only in Ellicott City but across Howard County. That is why the Ball Administration is moving forward with flood mitigation projects that will take significant amounts of water off of Main Street during severe weather events. However, it is still important to have tools available that can help people to safety when severe weather strikes. The newly purchased tone alert system, along with the existing wireless emergency alert system, stream monitoring devices, and other communications channels are part of a comprehensive system working together to protect public safety.

The National Weather Service advises that when flooding occurs, the best thing to do is exit the floodplain if it is safe to do so. The new High Ground Access Points and the associated map are meant to show ways to exit the floodplain at different points on Main Street. It is important to note that due to the unpredictable nature of floods, some routes may be impassable.

In the coming weeks, there will be "High Ground" signs placed along Main Street identifying routes out of the floodplain. In each parking lot in Old Ellicott City, there will be informational signs explaining the access points. The Ball Administration will also be providing signs, table tents, and window clings that businesses can display to provide this important information to their customers.

Where are the Access Points?

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