West End and Valley Mede Acquisition Timeline

The Ball Administration understands the importance of transparency and predictability when it comes to all aspects of government. This is especially true when dealing with sensitive situations, such as acquiring someone's home.

To that end, the following list represents an estimated timeline for when the county would like to acquire properties in the West End and Valley Mede. These properties are planned for acquisition either for flood mitigation or public safety purposes. It is important to note that acquisitions are dependent upon available funding, as well as an agreement of a purchase price between the county and property owner. All purchase prices will be based upon pre-May 2018 flood values as deemed by an appraiser hired by the county.

Planned for FY2020

  • 8629 Frederick Road

  • 8639 Frederick Road

  • 8600 Frederick Road, Parcel 1

  • 8600 Frederick Road, Parcel 2

  • 8518 Frederick Road

  • 9520 Frederick Road


Purchased in FY2020

  • 8512 Frederick Road

  • 8611 Frederick Road

  • 8601 Frederick Road

  • 9514 Longview Drive

Purchased in FY20129

  • 8777 Frederick Road


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